The World’s Largest Cloud GameFi Mining Company

Let ISOS Be Your Cloud Scholar

Free from scholars,cellphones and numerous game accounts. Say goodbye to the traditional scholarship model and get it all done with one click through ISOS-SCHOLAR.

Your games is already running

You don’t need to buy a cellphone and even play games. We are your scholar, for ISOS has a large number of cellphones and game accounts!

No monthly rent, very low investment and no cap
With no monthly rent, you can invest with 500PHP or more and receive returns easily!

Various games available with one click investment

One investment, more returns on various games,such as Axie Infinity, Farmers World, MIR4, CryptoMines, EpicHero and so on.

Three kinds of insurance guarantee security

ISOS entered into a formal cooperation with CHUBB Insurance Company to guarantee the users’ funds safety and returns.   learn more


ISOS-SCHOLAR is the Cloud Gamefi Mining business for Southeast Asia launched by American ISOS.

ISOS has invested 13 million US dollars to set up three mobile-gaming-rooms with a total of 20,000 cell phones, which provides stable and reliable blockchain cloud gaming services and contributes its share to the development of the GameFi industry.

ISOS was founded by Dr. Jason Howard in March 2020, and the company is located in Silicon Valley, the US.
Isos welcomed its round A financing from a16z, Coinbase and Facebook in June 2021, and the company’s valuation reached as high as $200 million.

All team members are from well-known companies such as Facebook, Google, Morgan Stanley and IDEX, so they have rich experience in blockchain, finance and blockchain games.


John Christopher Onilla
Location:    Manila

Nationality:  Philippines

Hannah Mihz

Location:    Baybay City

Nationality:  Philippines

Gelord Barredo

Location:  Iloilo Sandio

Nationality:  Philippines

Yolanda Nadurata

Location:      Manila

Nationality:  Philippines


Let ISOS be your scholar!

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