New features introduced with this Early Access release include:

  • Free starter Axies. Let your friends and family fall in love with Axie before needing to touch crypto and NFTs!
  • Upgraded Axie art makes each Axie more visually distinct and special.
  • Sequential turns for a faster, more dynamic experience.
  • Energy / cards are reset each turn to encourage aggressive play-styles.
  • Card changes. We’ve kept most cards in line with their original spirit.
  • Eye & Ear Cards. This is the first time that eyes & ears have ever had cards!
  • Runes / Charms as power-ups. Our first glimpse of Axie progression and upgrading is here!
  • Critical Hits have been replaced by a Rage mechanic. 

In the Early Access, there will only be non-NFT Charms and Runes, and we will follow-up with NFT Charms and Runes in a future release. Certain Runes, Charms, and other items that are craft-able in Early Access without SLP will require SLP for crafting in the future full launch.

There are many ideas being considered for the future including but not limited to using lower level Charms & Runes to craft higher level ones and certain Charms & Runes requiring Axie release materials to craft.

There are certain Cards that will only be available to Starter Axies for now, but will become available for NFT Axies in the future. 

Sound effects and music will also be further updated in future versions.


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